Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on Bonaire. Our crew is ready to take you to the best snorkel sites and they will show you the beautiful underwater world that our island offers. We are lucky the sea around Bonaire is usually calm and therefore snorkeling is very accessible to beginners and more experienced snorkelers. You can commonly see lots of tropical fishes such as parrotfish, trumpetfish, damselfish, blue tangs (Dory's) and if you are lucky a turtle might pass by on his way to a nice hangout place on the reef!

Guided snorkeltrips

From our house reef '18th Palm' (1 hr.) $20
Breakfast Cruise (4 hrs.) $60
2-Stop Snorkel Trip (3 hrs.) $40
1-Stop Snorkel Trip (2 hrs.) $30
Sunset Cruise (2,5 hrs.) $35
Night snorkel from our house reef '18th Palm' (1 hr.) $35

Snorkelequipment (and a light for the nightsnorkel) is included in the price. Our prices are per person and subject to change without notice.