4 steps before arriving on bonaire

To give your vacation a smooth start we kindly ask you to follow the next steps before arrival. This way you can start your holiday well prepared and you will not be faced with surprises!

Step 1: STINAPA fee

The waters around Bonaire are part of a protected Marina Park, managed by STINAPA. All users of the Marine Park have to pay the required fee and the costs are $40 dollar for all water activities.

You can easily pay the fee via https://stinapa.bonairenaturefee.org/. After the registration you will receive a confirmation via email with a QR-code (can come into the junk) and this is your proove of payment. In case you are checked by a ranger, he/ she can find you back in their back-office system with your last name and date of birth. That is why you do not have to cary the QR-code with you.

When you would like to visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park, it is better to bring the QR-code with you together with your identification card. When you provide that to the ranger at the gate you will get a discount on the entrance fee or, if you paid the divers fee, the entrance is for free.

STEP 2: Online sign-in form

To make the check-in process a little bit easier we like you to sign-in with our dive shop via this online sign-in form. This form is not to make a reservation! In case you have not made a reservation with us yet, we advise you to get in touch with us via diveshop@bonaire.valk.com or via the contact form on this website. That way we hope to avoid dissappointment.

When you are a group leader please complete the group form and send it back to us. This way your (dive) vacation can start even earlier!

STEP 3: Medical statement

If you are planning to do a course, please complete the medical statement: https://forms.gle/PD1jDNo84XEsXD3L8

STEP 4: Watch our orientationvideo

To get an impression and to receive important information we ask you to watch our orientation video on the bottom of this page.