Birthday: October 8th
Languages: English and Dutch

A magical door opened up, and I had never known of its existence or that the first steps through that passage would enrich my life in such a fullfilling way.

That is what scuba diving did for me. And now I am living a life where I have created the path for myself to enrich others with the same magic that enriched my life so deeply, with a passion growing ever since, scuba diving.

I started diving in Egypt, 10 years ago where I received my Open Water Diver certification. I did most of my diving in the Netherlands and I became a PADI Instructor in 2021. In the year 2022 I even went to the status of Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) which I'm very proud of!

I have been a nurse in the Mental healthcare for most of my life and developed a keen sense to see the person in front of me and read between the lines of spoken words, I use that ability in the learning process of my students to help new Divers overcome fears and fall in love with our waters.

I am Patrick de Koning, a PADI Instructor and a proud team member of Toucan Diving Bonaire!