Rules & Regulations

  1. All visiting foreign yachts and their crew must be registered at customs via immigration

  1. All visiting yachts with a contract over 6 months must provide a copy of customs & immigration approval for extension

  1. Visiting yachts can request Plaza Marina Bonaire to act as the caretaker of visiting yachts as required by customs

  1. Local yachts must be registered on Bonaire (B-registration) with a valid “vaarvergunning” and home address of the captain or the owner. It is not permitted to use the address of Plaza Marina, Plaza Beach & Dive Resort or any other address associated with the company on Bonaire as a civil registered address for boat owners and/or crew.

  1. All yachts must be at least insured with a third-party liability insurance. Before entering Plaza Marina Bonaire, the owner/captain must provide copies of the following documents:

  • Valid ID or passport of the owner/captain and crew

  • Liability Insurance

  • Valid vessel registration

  1. Commercial activities are NOT allowed without written permission of the marina management. For commercial active vessels the marina has the right to issue additional charges, rules & regulations.

  1. The marina rents out slips to captains/owners and will provide a slip as convenient as possible. The marina management will decide where the vessel will be docked and has the authority to move vessels to other slips without notice or in case of emergency situations.

  1. Slips are NOT transferable to other boat owners or potential boat owners. The sole right of the slips belongs to Plaza Marina Bonaire.

  1. Maximum speed in the Plaza Marina zone and surrounding waters is 5 mph/NO WAKE.

  1. Owners/captains are responsible for the condition and safety of their docking lines, boat, and dock fenders as well as anchors.

  1. All marina fees are to be paid in advance including water and electricity. For slip holders using meters for water and electricity, a separate invoice will be delivered by Plaza Marina Bonaire and those slip holders will be charged every 3 months.

  1. Electrical sanding, paint spraying, grinding & welding is NOT allowed unless the slip holder has permission in writing from the marina management.

  1. It is prohibited to empty your sewage/grey water into the marina. A fine of $350 will be issued for this violation.

  1. It is prohibited to fish (nets, rods and/or hand lines), swim, snorkel, or dive in the marina. Technical diving for repairs and maintenance is only allowed with permission in writing from the marina management. Please use a surface maker when diving is necessary. Cleaning of fish is not allowed aboard in the marina or on the docks, clean fish out at sea.

  1. Running engines and/or generator sets for over 15 minutes is not allowed. With exception during periods of shore electricity failure.

  1. Disposal of sewage, oil, contaminated bilge water and any other polluting and or harmful liquids is prohibited.

  1. Slip holders are not allowed to use the Plaza Resort staff parking located behind the Front Office building and the Casino area. Please use the main parking area provided.

  1. Water hoses are to be stowed properly after every use for the safety of other boat users.

  1. Ensure the dock area by your slip is always in a tidy appearance for safety.

  1. Pets are the responsibility of the boat owner and must ensure proper pet owner etiquette.

  1. Loud music is always prohibited within the marina.

  1. Owners & captains of unattended yachts are obligated to have an on-island caretaker and leave name, address, and phone at the marina office. Plaza Marina will act as caretaker and provide services for unattended yachts. For these arrangements additional charges will be incurred.

  1. All agreements made with Plaza Marina Bonaire are not transferable.

  1. Leaving the marina for more than 24 hours must be reported by the marina office. While not docked in the marina the management has the right to rent the slip out to third parties

  1. In case of special (weather) conditions and/or situations owners/captains will follow the Plaza Marina Bonaire management directions.

  1. It is NOT allowed to dump glass, aluminum, paper, and plastic in garbage containers.

  1. Plaza Beach & Dive Resort facilities are NOT included in boat slips. This includes but is not limited to the use of ICE, TRASH BINS, BEACH CHAIRS, POOL CABANAS, POOL. A discount card is issued for DRINKS/SNACKS ONLY at the Palm Bar upon showing the Boat Passport.

  1. In the unlikely event of a rescue please inform the coast guard immediately on telephone number 913

  1. In cases not mentioned in these rules and regulations the management of Plaza Marina Bonaire has the right to make final decisions.

  1. All Marina fees must be paid in advance. Plaza Marina has the right to charge a 10% late fee for all marina fee invoices which are due past 14 days (about 2 weeks). For slip holders using meters for water and electricity, a separate invoice will be delivered by Plaza Marina Bonaire and those slip holders will be charged every 3 months.

  1. Invoices for water/electricity/other services must be paid within 14 days, a $35.00 administration fee will be charged for invoices water/electricity which are due for more than 14 days.

  1. Overdue invoices of more than 30 days will be subject to formal legal steps.

  1. Boat owners who reside on their boat will be subject to agreements made between the management and the owner with regard to the use and payment of water and electricity.